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Meet the Disciples

Meet the dedicated followers of Christ called to fulfill God's plans for Denisha Quarles Ministries. 



Meet Denisha

Denisha is a DC Metropolitan native.  She is blessed to be loved by her husband, her children, and her family and friends.

As a young girl, she loved playing school and always had to be the teacher.  Even at that age, she had a desire for people to learn and grow in knowledge.  And now, gifted by the Holy Spirit, she loves teaching the Word of God.


In understanding God's Word, she counts it an honor and a privilege to live life according to His Will, Expressing His Love.


Ministry Assistant

Meet Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is anointed by God to be a servant and pray on behalf of others in her Heavenly language. 

Her passion for serving started at a young age because her mother often called on her to help tend to her younger siblings. Whatever her mom asked of her, Gwendolyn did; and with great pleasure. 

With this same passion, she serves Our Father and anyone she encounters with great pleasure.  

Meet DeQuana


Social Media & Event Coordinator

Having the heart of a true worshipper, DeQuana's love for The Father is evident through the love and compassion that she shows others. 

It is her desire to share the Good News (the Gospel of Christ) with everyone she encounters and to live a life that is truly pleasing to God. 

Meet Dominique


Prayer Team - Prayer Lead

Since she was a child, Dominique had the innate ability to uplift people with words of encouragement. She likes to think of it as "her superpower" to be light and love; but, she knows it's the Holy Spirit working in and through her. 

It is her life's joy to make people laugh and smile, help them to discover the truth of who they are in Christ, and enjoy the journey that God has set before them. 

Meet Vernita


Prayer Team - Prayer Lead

Vernita is a proud Maryland native. She has been blessed with a husband of 20 years and three beautiful children. 

She has a servant's heart that desires to do the Will of The Father. She has served in the church and the community for many years. 

Today, Vernita is living out her life's purpose by serving God, teaching His Word, and loving others. 

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